Birds are one of the biggest problems for solar panel owners. Birds and pigeons may build nests under your solar panels which can wear out the roof, damage the solar panels and reduce energy production.

Solar power is an awesome way to produce clean energy, but it’s not without its challenges. Birds can be very destructive to solar panels. They can leave droppings and feathers which are unsightly and dangerous for humans as well as the birds themselves. Bird poop is also corrosive to your solar panels and will cause them to degrade faster than they would have otherwise.

Terminix offers a solution for this issue by installing custom-designed bird guards that allow airflow through while keeping birds from nesting underneath your roof’s solar panels. This helps keep your system running smoothly and producing clean power!

What are solar panels and why do birds like to nest on them?

Solar panels are a type of solar collector that generates power by converting sunlight into electricity. The photovoltaic cells convert light from the sun to generate an electric current. This is then used to produce energy in homes as well. Solar panels are placed on roofs, and they are also installed in solar farms.

Birds like to nest on the solar panels because it is an open space for them, which means that there’s less competition with other species of animals or birds for nesting spaces. The photovoltaic cells create a warm surface where eggs can be incubated. Additionally, these panels can be great for shade during the summer.

The solar panels are also a great place for birds to rest, drink water and eat insects. Birds like this kind of environment because it provides them with shelter from predators by hiding under there.

Install bird spikes on your roof.

One way to deter pest birds from landing on solar panels is by installing bird spikes.

Birds are especially sensitive to the edges of objects, and that’s what the small metal bars along a row of solar panels do: they create an undesirable edge for them.

Solar panel bird proofing with this type of bird deterrent is a common practice in solar panel installation around the world.

Use a netting to cover the solar panels.

Another bird control possibility is to use netting or screens to cover solar panels.

Netting is an effective way for controlling pest birds because it creates an unpleasant surface that makes them feel uncomfortable around your solar panels. It also stops them from being able to enter the area beneath your solar panels.

Netting is a common bird control measure for many reasons because it works so well for different size birds like pigeons.

This kind of solution also provides long-term protection against pest birds from attempting to nest under solar panels.

Place an owl statue near your solar panels to scare away birds.

Another way to scare away birds is by placing an owl statue near your solar panels.

Owls are a natural predator of pest bird species and can be effective in scaring them off from the area surrounding your solar panel installations.

One con to this is the placement of the owl may look a little strange, as the statue will need to be placed at a height that is appropriate for what size of bird you are trying to scare away.

Cover any openings in the roof with wire mesh.

One way to secure your solar panels from pest birds is by covering any openings in the roof with wire mesh to keep the birds from entering under the solar panels.

The mesh will need to be tacked down and sealed against the roof, as once a bird has discovered an opening they can cause significant damage.

For solar panels installed on buildings with flat roofs, you can also install wire mesh screening under the solar panel frame to keep birds from nesting in this area.

How can you deter birds from coming back and using the same spot over again, even after installing deterrents?

Cleaning the solar panel area is one way to try and deter birds from returning to the same area. By removing the nests and cleaning the area with a solution, the birds will be deterred from returning.

The importance of keeping the area around your home clean to discourage bird activity near your homes solar panel system.

Keeping birds away from the entire home is important, but more so from solar panels. Birds can be attracted to birdseed and nest building material that may be in your yard.

It’s important to keep the entire property clean in order to deter the birds from that area. If more birds are drawn to the area, it will be more difficult to keep them from your solar panels.

Keeping your roof and gutters free of nesting material is important too. This can include straws or sticks that have been left behind after a renovation project. The birds may use these materials as nests and roosting spots if you don’t clean them up.

Solar panel bird proofing solutions and products.

There is several products out there for bird proofing your solar panels.

Some products install on the solar panel frame and cover a lower grid under the solar panels.

Other solar panel bird deterrents, such as netting that is installed over an entire roof or other areas of your home where birds are coming in contact with it.

There’s no “one size fits all” solution to keep birds from nesting under the solar panels. Seeking out a professional for their bird control advice is a good place to start.

How much does it cost to pigeon and bird-proof solar panels.

A solar panel bird proofing and deterrent can cost anywhere from $200 to over several thousand dollars.

The products may range in price depending on the size of your home, how many panels need protecting, and what type you choose for installation.

The longer that you wait to install the solar panel bird deterrent, you may see an increase in nesting or a decrease in your solar power production.

The best thing to do is consult with a professional that knows how to pigeon proof and deter birds from interfering with their home’s power source. These professionals will be able to give you advice on what products are right for your needs. Also, bird proofing professionals will be able to safely install solar panel bird deterrents.

Bird proofing anything can have its drawbacks, but it is well worth the investment.

Some people may try to save money by putting solar panel bird deterrents on their own. However, this can be a costly mistake because solar panels are so expensive and birds know how to nest near them after one visit there. If you don’t want your solar power production decreased and the mess that comes with nesting birds then seeking out a bird proofing pro is the best option.

The solar panel bird deterrents that these professionals use are chemical-free and safe for the environment. They can also be put on any type of roofing material which makes them very versatile. So save time and money by hiring a bird pro!

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