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Mosquitoes Are A Real Threat

  • Lay An Average Of 100 Eggs In A Container The Size Of A Bottle Cap And 3000 Eggs In Just A Few Weeks.

  • Spread Diseases Such As Zika and West Nile.

  • Can Cause Welts And Severe Itching.

  • Stops You And Your Family From Enjoying The Outdoors.

  • Active In Cooler Temps As Low As 50 Degrees.

Beat The Bite With Quick Guard® Mosquito Service.

It Kills On Contact And Continues To Provide Long-lasting Relief Weeks Later.  Monthly Applications Keep Bites Down All Season Long. Guaranteed.

How The Service Works

Mosquito Control

What attracts mosquitos in your backyard?

Female mosquitoes are famous for their ability to bite you. They have a strong need for iron and protein, which can be found in your blood so they’re willing to go through the trouble of sneaking up on you without making much noise or light. Once she has enough nutrient-filled blood from her victim, she’ll look around until she finds some water that’s not only close by but also nice and deep where it won’t dry out too quickly because then those eggs will never get developed into larvae!

Mosquitoes are attracted to you like a magnet.

Female mosquitoes are known far and wide as creatures who love nothing more than finding humans when these meals happen to walk past them. These creatures will avoid making any sound at all lest they put themselves at risk (which would otherwise result in an unpleasant end).

Protect your family from mosquito bites.

If you want to cut down on your mosquito population, avoid standing water: birdbaths, gutters, dog bowls,  and containers. This includes bottle caps!

Mosquitoes can be a nightmare for homeowners. That’s why it is important to have effective mosquito control in place at your home.

The mosquito solution that works.

Our mosquito control solution is the most effective and immediate way to keep your yard from being a breeding ground of mosquitoes.

The weather-resistant polymer layer helps retain the active ingredients, so they work for weeks with long lasting protection.

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