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Ticks are Happy When You’re Outside.

Ticks are a serious problem, but don’t worry!

You’re right to be concerned about ticks. They never stop, and approximately 30,000 cases of tick-borne disease organisms are reported to the CDC each year.

We offer the most effective way to protect your family from ticks. With four steps that attack ticks from every angle, we’ll keep your yard tick-free and help you live outside worry-free of disease.

  • Ticks can survive in winter temperatures below 32 degrees.

  • Ticks wait for days or even weeks for potential hosts.

  • Ticks can carry a number of diseases that can cause harm to you and your family. Such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more.

  • Ticks sense hosts using a variety of ways that include the following: breath, body odor, body warmth, moisture, or vibrations.

The Tick Defend System works in four steps to kill ticks and keep them off your property year-round.

How Our Tick Defend System Works.


We’ll go out to your yard and inspect it for potential tick activity sites, such as tall grass, shrubs, transition areas where the ground meets hardscaped surfaces, ornamental plants that lack appropriate planting practices to discourage ticks from using them as access points.


Our expertly trained technicians will make recommendations to adjust your outdoor space to make it less tick-friendly.


We apply a liquid and granular treatment to your property that creates a barrier against ticks. The solution lasts up to 30 days, giving you much-needed protection in the long run.


Our Tick Management service means a tick-free yard and peace of mind – Keep your family safe this season.

Our NEW Tick Defend System™ starts working immediately to target ticks. By monthly inspections and a targeted treatment plan during tick season, we keep the tick population down, so your family can have more peace of mind.

Say Goodbye to Ticks!

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Tick FAQ

What are the most common ticks found in Illinois?

Tick species that are commonly found in Illinois are the deer tick, American dog tick, Lone Star Tick, and brown dog tick. The lone star tick is distinguished by a white dot on its back, which looks like a star, while deer ticks can be identified by their large size and adults brown dog ticks by their dark coloring.

How much does tick control cost?

Our Tick Management and Tick Prevention programs are designed to last through the entire tick season. Prices vary based on your yard size and invasiveness, but a typical Tick Control program is $300-$700 per year, with our Tick Protection plan costing less than $80 per month for smaller yards.

What month do ticks come out?

Ticks are most active in the spring and summer months. Tick season starts in March or April and ends in September/October, but it is important to maintain protection through at least October.

How long do ticks live?

Ticks can live anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the temperature and other factors. A female tick will lay 2-3,000 eggs, which can take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to hatch. Tick season is typically longer than the average lifespan of a tick.

How long do ticks live once they’ve attached to a host?

Ticks have three life stages: egg, larvae, and nymphs. An adult female tick will feed on an animal for 3-4 days, or until all of her blood is absorbed. Tick control measures should be in place before the tick has a chance to attach to your family pet.

How can I tell if my dog/cat has been bit by a tick?

The most common symptoms are lethargic behavior, loss of appetite, and decreased energy levels – but it can also be difficult to spot a tick bite. Tick removal is recommended if you notice any of the following symptoms in your pet.

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