Most novice gardeners think that all bugs in their gardens pose a risk to their plants. While it is true that many varieties of insects do in fact kill plants, other insects are quite beneficial. Before they spray their entire garden down with chemicals and insecticides, gardeners can benefit by knowing which bugs to keep and which ones to kill in their gardens.

Common Garden Pests In Illinois

A gardener can find a true ally in the common garden spider. This spider is the size of a half dollar coin and is typically black and yellow, although some orange and black varieties can also be found. It spins a giant web among the rows of crops to capture pests that fly or crawl through the garden. Many gardeners who venture into their gardens often see the spider’s web full of moths, worms, and beetles. The spider eats these pests and helps keep the plants safe from devastation.

Indeed, worms, beetles, and moths can be devastating to tender crops. Moths fly around gardens at dusk or early dawn to feast on the green leaves and tender blossoms on plants. The same damage is caused by tomato worms and potato bugs, which look like triangular gray beetles. These pests often respond only mildly to chemicals and insecticides. Those that are killed are often quickly replaced by new hatchlings.

Killing off the eggs and nests proves to be the most effective course to keeping a garden pest-free. Along with allowing garden spiders to take up residence, people can also rely on the professional advice of exterminators. These professionals understand that people want to keep their gardens free from chemicals. They can offer safe advice on the best extermination methods.