Fly Control

Flies are terrible pests. They annoy you with their incessant buzzing and cause repulsion when they hover over your food. You do not have to suffer their presence, however. There are some simple steps that you can take to control their populations. If they become too much of a hassle and you cannot seem to get rid of them, you can always call a professional service to come and handle the problem for you.

Common Causes of Flies

Flies may seem inevitable when they are buzzing around your head or crawling on your food. However, there is usually a pretty obvious source of attraction present whenever they are noticed. One thing that flies cannot resist is an open garbage container. Many people have simple trash cans in their kitchens that have no lid. The leftovers and scraps that you place in these trash cans are like beacons for flies. Try putting a lid on your garbage.

Another thing that draws flies to your property is standing water. If your sprinklers or irrigation system leaves puddles outside your house, that will surely draw flies. You can reduce this problem by making the proper adjustment so that water is never left standing anywhere near your house. The same problem results when moisture builds up inside the home as well.

Some Fly Control Solutions

If these preventive measures do not work, then you may want to try traps or fly strips. Combined with some prevention, these solutions could lower the fly population and at least let you live in peace. However, flies are persistent pests that multiply rapidly. You may want professional help in dealing with them.

Professional Pest Control

We can do a lot more than just make your life tolerable. The right pesticides can totally eliminate your fly problems and leave your home as peaceful as it was before the flies show up.  Give us a call today for a free quote!

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