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Termites in Illinois


If termites have infested your home, then you may not know it until the hungry creatures have caused permanent damage since the bugs complete their destructive activities in the hidden areas of your residence. By knowing the signs of a termite infestation, you may be able to prevent extensive damage and to get some type of termite control Termite Signs In many cases, homeowners discover an infestation by breaking through the surface of a termite-infested section of wood. A swarm is another sign of a major termite infestation. However, there are several subtle signs that they are in your [...]

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3 Most Common Fall Pests in Illinois


Living With Pests Spotting the occasional insect in a home is to be expected, but families that are experiencing frequent sightings of pest should take action. Pests are able to spread disease through bites or fecal matter, and some types of pests are known to cause structural damage to homes. Professional extermination for infestations of any pest is recommended. The Three Most Common Fall Pests Rodent populations start to explode in the fall months, and these pests start searching for shelter as the weather cools down. Mice are known to carry serious diseases that could even be fatal, so it is [...]

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Bed Bugs in Illinois


Bed Bugs Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly common nuisance in homes and businesses. These insects are parasites that feed on the blood of humans. Domesticated animals can also be targeted. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal, and the host is usually not disturbed during the feeding process. Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation Most bed bug infestations are discovered because residents of the infested home find bed bug bites. Bites commonly occur around the face and neck, but other areas of the body can be affected. Signs of being bitten include redness and irritation. Other signs of an infestation include [...]

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The Three Most Common Spiders


Spiders have been invading homes in Illinois since there have been homes in Illinois. They like the warmth, the proximity to water and the abundance of prey. Some spiders wander inside accidentally, but there are a few species who prefer to live indoors. If you have spiders in your home, do not antagonize them. Though most spiders aren’t poisonous, they all know how to bite. Wolf Spiders Wolf spiders look pretty scary, but they’re not terribly dangerous to people. They can quickly colonize your home. If you see a wolf spider, it’s a safe bet that there are [...]

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Stink Bug Control in Illinois


Living with any kind of a pest is an unpleasant situation that could lead to unsanitary conditions for the occupants of a home. Different types of pests are active throughout the year and stink bugs are known to start nesting in homes as the weather cools. Anyone who would like to eliminate the possibility of spending the winter with an infestation of these smelly pests should contact a professional pest control company for help. All About Stink Bugs Stink bugs are brown insects that are approximately one half of an inch in length. These insects feed on plants [...]

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The Benefits of Attic Insulation


As a homeowner, you’re probably well aware that adequate attic insulation keeps your home comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also acts as a sound barrier and helps keep your home nice and quiet. Now, your attic insulation can also help protect your family by preventing common pest infestations. Pest Control with Insulation One of the newest ways to control pests in your home is to have treated insulation installed in your attic. Not only does this provide you with the usual benefits of insulation, but it also helps to prevent pests from [...]

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Nocturnal Pests In Illinois


While some Illinois pests are more commonly seen when the sun is out, there are several nocturnal pests that are much sneakier. They come out at night when most people are asleep, so they are often harder to catch. With Daylight Savings Time upon us, the chance of experiencing one of these creatures increases. Mice And Rats Mice and rats prefer to hide, so the best way to look for signs of their presence is to check in places such as under furniture or in low-traffic areas. Look for droppings, gnawed furniture, gnawed plastic or containers in kitchens [...]

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Tips for Preventing Mice Infestations


Do you have a mouse in the house? If so, watch out! Mice reproduce rapidly; one happy couple can make over 100 babies. A mouse here and there can quickly become an army of pesky rodents. Here are some signs of a mice infestation: Holes chewed through packaged food Droppings Noises behind walls or ceilings Holes in the wall How Can I Get Rid Of Mice? Mice want a reliable source of food, so keep trash containers covered, put dry goods in plastic containers, don't leave food on the counters and keep crumbs off the floor. Eliminate clutter [...]

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Don’t invite these pests to Thanksgiving Dinner


As the weather cools and we start that inevitable roller coaster ride towards the end of the year, many American families are making their final preparations for the Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving marks a splendid occasion to get the family together, but it can be marred by unwanted pests. Make sure your holiday isn't ruined by uninvited guests.ood. Common Kitchen Insects To determine the nature of your infestation, it often helps to do a bit of preliminary identification. There are too many species of insect to do a thorough list, but the following are some of the most common [...]

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Camel Crickets in Illinois


Camel crickets are common household pests in Illinois. Easily identified by their humpbacked appearance, these critters are frequently found in basements, kitchens and bathroom areas. While they are usually accidental pests, they can nevertheless begin to breed once they've found a warm location. Amateur pest control techniques are nearly always unsuccessful with camel crickets. Professional exterminators will be needed to eliminate breeding colonies once and for all. Appearance Camel crickets are much different than field crickets. In fact, they do not have any wings and do not chirp. The crickets are generally very good jumpers and can be [...]

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