The solar panels on your roof are critical for making sure that you can live in a green energy-efficient home, but they also make an excellent bird habitat.

Birds will nest under the panels and create a mess of droppings or leave claw marks on the glass which will reduce the efficiency of your system.

There are several ways to keep pest birds away from your solar panel array, so let’s take a look at some of them!

Place bird netting over the top of your solar panels to prevent birds from nesting on them.

Bird netting can be one of the best bird deterrents if you are not worried about the aesthetics of your roof. If you are not concerned about the looks of your property, bird netting could be a great option for managing pest birds.

Bird netting will need to be secured and regularly maintained, so this option may not be for you if it is difficult or time-consuming to do these tasks.

Some bird netting can also provide habitat for other animals that might want to use them as a nesting spot.

A bird deterrent is helpful, such as stainless steel bird spikes, to deter birds from landing and building nests on or under your roof’s solar panels.

While bird spikes are an effective way to prevent birds from roosting, it’s important to remember that stainless steel spikes aren’t always the best option. In fact, there are a number of barriers you can use in order to deter birds without harming them or their habitat.

Besides stainless steel spikes, placing some fake owls around your property is another bird deterrent that can be easy to install. Fake owls or snakes can be placed in different areas, such as on top of a roof or under trees.

Birds may be deterred by the sight and sound of these plastic owls because they look like predators that will eat them if given the chance. Fake snakes also work well to deter birds away. Fake snakes can be used on the ground or mounted to a pole.

There is also a chance that birds will still find a way to nest under solar panels if they are determined.

The best way to keep them away from nesting under your roof solar panels is by installing some type of bird deterrent mechanisms like stainless steel bird spikes or fake owls.

Deterring them with predator decoys such as fake owls and hawks is great for those who have many trees around their home as they are more likely to be attracted by these fake predators than real ones

Install a motion sensor light near the area where you have installed your solar panels so that it will turn on and keep the birds away.

A motion sensor light may not scare away a determined bird, but it will turn off automatically after the light has been activated by any movement.

Motion sensor lights work best when placed near areas where birds are known to nest or travel through often.

These bird deterrents only work by sight, so it’s important to place them where the birds fly or land.

Keep all vegetation away from the area around your home’s rooftop so there are no hiding places for birds to build their nests.

Rooftops must remain clear of any vegetation to deter birds from or roosting near the solar panels and potentially causing damage.

The best way to ensure that you have a clear rooftop is by trimming any leaves, vines, branches, or other natural growth away from the area around your home’s roof.

Use reflective film or paint in order to make it more difficult for birds to see into dark areas under roofs and find shelter among shadows

Reflective devices, film, or paint can be applied to the surface of a rooftop, or any other area that may provide shelter for birds such as gutters.

This option will not be the most attractive to homeowners, but it will be an effective way to deter birds from landing or roosting under these areas.

What are the best bird deterrents to get rid of birds under your Solar Panels?

There are several humane and effective bird deterrents and methods that you can use to reduce birds from nesting under your roof’s solar panels.

One of the best alternatives is having a system that clips a wire mesh to the side of the solar panel.

The wire mesh is then installed on the side of the solar panels so that it hangs down past them and creates a wall of protection to keep birds from nesting under the roof’s solar panels.

There are many ways to keep birds from nesting under your roof’s solar panels.

The wire mesh system is one of the best bird deterrents in this situation because it does not harm any animals, provides an effective barrier, and can withstand strong wind without causing damage or injury.

Common mistakes people make when trying to deter birds from their property and how to avoid them

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to deter birds from their property is using a chemical agent.

Using chemicals as bird deterrents can actually be more harmful than helpful because chemicals are usually sprayed and it’s hard for homeowners to know where they’re being applied or how far they will spread, which could end up harming other pets or children in addition to the intended target!

Beyond that, all these sprays have an adverse effect on plants as well.

The best way around this problem? Try one of those inflatable plastic owls we always see at Halloween time – you’ll find them plenty intimidating enough without having any negative effects outside your garden itself!

Another mistake happens when people use these large plastic owls and simply place them in the garden – if you have a fence or other barrier that can be jumped, birds will go right over it and nest where they aren’t wanted.

A better option for this is an inflatable owl pole with a weight on the end so it stays upright no matter how hard the wind.

Other bird deterrent mistakes include:

-Don’t use oil or grease as a bird deterrent.

-Homeowners don’t use bright lights instead of regular light bulbs to avoid attracting birds.

-They don’t clean up spilled birdseed and other food sources as soon as possible to keep birds away. So no matter how many bird deterrents you have, if there is a food source the birds will keep coming.

You may need more than one type of bird deterrent depending on what kind of birds are visiting your property.

Depending on your home style, you may need different types of bird deterrents around your home.

Asking a bird deterrent professional what types of bird deterrents will work best for you is the first step in protecting your investment.

The next step includes: installing a system that’s appropriate for what type of bird deterrent approach you have chosen, monitoring and maintaining it regularly to keep birds away again, and discouraging birds from nesting on your property.

The cost for multiple bird deterrents may be a determining factor but always remember to use what it takes to get the results you are looking for.

And remember not only do they keep away pesky animals but they can also save you money on costly repairs by preventing damage to your roofing system!

We offer the best bird deterrents for your roof solar panel installations. If you need help, please contact us!

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