How to Seal Your Garage Door to Keep Rodents Out

For many of us, our garage is an important part of our home. It's a place where we store our cars, tools, and other belongings. Unfortunately, it's also a place where rodents can enter our homes if we're not careful. Challenges With Garage Doors Mice and rats can squeeze through incredibly small spaces, which means that they can easily enter your garage through cracks and holes in the garage door. It does not matter if you have a wood garage door or a metal garage doors; if there are any openings, rodents can enter. Another challenge is that [...]

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Nocturnal Pests In Illinois

While some Illinois pests are more commonly seen when the sun is out, there are several nocturnal pests that are much sneakier. They come out at night when most people are asleep, so they are often harder to catch. With Daylight Savings Time upon us, the chance of experiencing one of these creatures increases. Mice And Rats Mice and rats prefer to hide, so the best way to look for signs of their presence is to check in places such as under furniture or in low-traffic areas. Look for droppings, gnawed furniture, gnawed plastic or containers in kitchens [...]

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Tips for Preventing Mice Infestations

Do you have a mouse in the house? If so, watch out! Mice reproduce rapidly; one happy couple can make over 100 babies. A mouse here and there can quickly become an army of pesky rodents. Here are some signs of a mice infestation: Holes chewed through packaged food Droppings Noises behind walls or ceilings Holes in the wall How Can I Get Rid Of Mice? Mice want a reliable source of food, so keep trash containers covered, put dry goods in plastic containers, don't leave food on the counters and keep crumbs off the floor. Eliminate clutter [...]

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Do mice carry diseases in your home?

Mice are not known to be the cleanest animals in the world, but do they carry diseases? Do mice carry hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS)? Do mice carry leptospirosis or plague? Do mice carry salmonellosis? We will discuss 6 diseases that rodents can transmit. This information should help you decide if you should worry about these illnesses and what precautions to take if you live with a mouse infestation. Just because you have not personally seen or interacted with mice, rats, or other rodents in your home doesn’t mean they aren’t negatively impacting your life. According to the U.S. Centers for [...]

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Five Ways Mice Get Inside Your Home

No matter how secure your home may seem, mice and other rodents are small and resourceful. If you end up with unwelcome guests in your home, consider these five common entry points. 1. Windows and doors. Mice and other rodents will often get inside the same way you do. Mice can squeeze into very small spaces, including cracks or gaps around windows and doors. Keep doors and windows shut securely. Also, add door flaps or extra insulation to correct gaps. 2. Walls. Mice can also get inside through the walls, exploiting small cracks in the exterior. Look for [...]

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Sealing screen doors and windows

Springtime is here, and there are several invasive and rapidly multiplying pests that will try to enter your home this season. Sealing your screen doors and windows might sound like a simple task, but this preventative step can defend your home from some infestations. A tiny hole or crack might not seem like a major problem, but one bug can open the door for an invasion. This is particularly true for social insects that will plant trails for others to follow. Pests will enter your home to search for warmth, food sources, and breeding space. Some of the [...]

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