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The Danville Pest Control Terminix Branch Serving You, Locally.

The Danville Illinois Terminix Branch is staffed by service professionals who know local pest problems inside and out. We live in the area and work from our branch on Kickapoo Dr in Danville. Our knowledge of these pests, backed up by a nationwide network of experts makes us confident that we have what it takes to get your property back to its pre-pest state!

The protection you need against every pest threat.

Our people love working in the same areas they live to help raise the local Danville area.  We have services for a variety of pests, including ants, termites, mice and rats, bed bugs, roaches, spiders and more.

The Terminix Danville Branch is the leading provider in pest control and termite prevention. We offer a variety of solutions for residential and commercial properties, with guaranteed results!

Danville, IL

Danville is located in Vermilion County, Illinois. As of 2019, the population was an estimated 36,990. Danville is a small town in a rural area in Central Illinois. It has a lot to offer including beautiful parks and flexible work schedules.

When it comes to employment, the city has a lot of big businesses. The biggest would be Vermilion Health Network. Founded in 1887, VHN is the largest employer in town with over 5,000 employees and multiple medical facilities throughout Vermilion County. It offers great health care benefits like dental insurance and flexible work schedules for its employees.

The second biggest company in Danville is Wesco Manufacturing which assembles appliances such as washers, dryers, ovens, and ranges; they also make products like grills and smoker pits. They have been open since 2008 with an estimated 250 employees. This company offers good wages but does not offer insurance benefits due to the high cost of premiums they would need to pay.

The third biggest company is Vermilion County Community Unit School District #118. It has an enrollment of around 4,000 students and offers great health care benefits including dental insurance and vision coverage. With such a large workforce, the school district is the largest employer in Danville IL.

An area that people should consider when moving to an area like Danville IL is housing options. There are many houses for sale but there are also lots of apartment complexes that offer affordability for those looking to rent or lease their home. When it comes to amenities, there are plenty of grocery stores, retail shops, parks/outdoor recreation areas, and other services within walking distance of most homes in town. The commutes downtown are only about 20 minutes, which is one thing to consider when moving into a new city or town.

When it comes to entertainment, Danville has its fair share of bars and restaurants scattered throughout the downtown area. The area offers plenty of good opportunities for shopping as well with multiple malls and outlet stores close by. There are also many parks in the surrounding areas that offer outdoor recreation like fishing, hiking, kayaking, and camping.

Danville is a great city to live in with plenty of employment opportunities, affordable housing, and access to amenities. The commute downtown for work only takes 20 minutes which means you can spend more time doing what matters most – spending time with your family! If you’re looking for an area that offers the opportunity to enjoy life outside of work then Danville might be just right for you.


Yes, Terminix in Danville offers pest control for all sorts of properties. Commercial, food warehouses, manufacturing plants, restaurants and retail stores

Terminix has been providing service to our customers for over 75 years. Whether you need a pest control, rodent control or bird control specialist we have the solution for your needs!

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Loved Marcus, good guy all around. Fantastic reflection on Terminix.


It went well Bill came treated the kitchen and we were less then a week from our quarterly outside service so he took care of that too. I have done business with them since 2005 never had a problem or a bug, at least not for long.

Greg L.

Jim Owen goes above and beyond. He is the best service professional that we have ever had. I wanted to call and tell you because it is not often you find someone that goes this far above and beyond.

Craig B.