Centipedes and millipedes are usually found outdoors in Illinois. However, during periods of extreme weather, such as excessive rain or drought, they can sometimes decide to invade a home so that they can search for food. Outside of the home, centipedes and millipedes can be found in dark and damp places. They tend to hide beneath piles of leaves, and they can often be seen when a rock is overturned. Outdoors, these insects are fairly harmless, although they can cause trouble for gardeners and farmers when they decide to feed upon fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers or melons. When they do decide to enter a home, it is typically in a large migration of centipedes or millipedes that are looking for food. This means that when one centipede or millipede enters a home, then many others quickly follow. This can lead to a major infestation of these pests getting out of control rather quickly.

Identifying the Problem

These pests can be identified by their multi-segmented body containing hundreds of legs. Most homeowners find their creepy, crawly appearance to be rather unsettling. In the home, they tend to migrate to dark and damp areas, just as they might find outdoors. This makes basements, closets, and bathrooms some of the ideal locations where an infestation might be discovered. In order to avoid an infestation from these pests, it is ideal to keep the area around the outside of the home free from mulch, moisture, and debris. It is also important to keep any possible entry points to the home sealed. This means sealing cracks, windows and other areas with caulking or weather stripping. Because they need moisture for water and to reproduce, keeping the interior and exterior of the home as dry as possible will also help to reduce their population.

Professional Extermination Methods

While most centipedes and millipedes do not cause harm to people, larger centipedes can deliver a painful bite when surprised or handled by a person. They are also not technically insects, and common pesticides do not always work to eliminate them. It is also important to note, that the presence of many centipedes and millipedes can also be a signal that there are other insect pests that have invaded a home that they have been using as a source of food. For these reasons, it is advisable to contact us so we can evaluate the problem and implement the appropriate measures to eliminate centipedes and millipedes from the home in an efficient manner.

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