Beetle Control

Unless they are part of a bug collection, homeowners typically do not want beetles in their houses. There are over 300,000 species of beetles that make homes underground and in dry and wet places. Beetles will even find their way indoors with an entry and the ideal feeding and breeding conditions.

Of particular concern is the powder post beetle (Lyctus brunneus). It is also known as powderpost (or power post) beetle and belongs to the Bostrichidae family. With the exception of termites, these beetles cause the most damage to wood. They often make their way indoors through old furniture and firewood.

Types of Beetles found in Illinois

Two of the most common types of powder post beetles are the Lyctid (true powder post beetles) and Anobiid (false powder post beetles). The Lyctid type has a narrow, elongated body, and typically feeds off of only hardwoods and hardwood products, including oak, hickory, and ash woods. The Anobiid type has a wider, more rounded body than the Lyctid type, and is known to feed off both hard and soft woods.

Infestations of these beetles typically occur in new wood that already contains the eggs and larvae of developing beetles. And although they rarely found in lumber more than 5 years old, they do make their homes in dried wood and cured lumber. Moist wood also attracts these beetles, so it is important to keep wood dry and in well-ventilated conditions.

Powder post beetles eat away at the wood, leaving behind small holes that compromises the wood’s integrity and defaces its appearance. These holes are round and are where the beetles lay their eggs. You will typically find fine wood dust beneath these holes.  Powder post beetles do not cause any health problems in humans, but their damage to wood can cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

Eliminating the problem

It is very difficult to treat a beetle infestation. It requires identifying the beetles and locating the areas of their infestation. Since the beetles bore into the wood, the treatment may require several phases to draw the beetles out of the wood. Many beetles resemble the powder post beetle in color, size, and shape. We serve a large part of Illinois and some parts of Indiana.  Contact us for a free quote today.

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