Mice and rats infestations are nightmares for families. They come indoors in search of food, water, and protection from the elements. Pet food and water bowls are favorite destinations. Rats and mice together make up nearly a quarter of the known animal population of our planet. There are no longer as many wild spaces for these rodents to go, so they have moved indoors where food and warmth are more readily available.

Rats Pose a Threat to your Health

Rats are dangerous to humans because they can carry serious diseases. They also carry ticks, fleas, and lice, which carry their own diseases and can bite humans and pets. Both rats and mice leave unsanitary droppings everywhere.

Rodents are chewers. They need to chew to keep their teeth a manageable length. If they can’t chew, their teeth grow too long and they starve. They’ll chew through most anything in a bid to get where they want to go, mainly to get to the food. They’ve even been known to chew through household wiring in order to clear a path to a room where food is stored.

Diligence is the best first defense against rodents. Pet food and water bowls should be taken up at night, food should be stored in glass or metal containers where rodents are a problem. Sinks and counters should be free of dirty dishes overnight and there should be no standing food or water.

What to do when they enter your Illinois home

Even with these measures, rats and mice will enter and make their home in yours. It isn’t easy to eliminate a rodent infestation without professional help.

Rats are difficult to trap because they’re much more clever than mice. They understand traps and they understand bait and know how to avoid them. They colonize hard to reach places like inside walls, under concrete, in attics, and in basements.

Mice aren’t particularly bright and can be caught in traps, but each female mouse can have over 200 babies in a single season. That’s too much trapping for even the most determined family.

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