Carpenter ants are a type of pest that can lead to major problems for homeowners. Just as its name implies, the carpenter ant is well-known for the structural damage that it can do to a home as it bores through any wooden surface. Carpenter ants are often confused with termites, but it is quite simple to tell them apart. The most obvious difference between carpenter ants and termites is that carpenter ants do not actually feed on the wood. They eat other insects and sweet substances. Instead, they bore into the wood in order to create and maintain their nests. Considering that carpenter ants often live in colonies that include thousands of ants, the damage that they can create in only a short amount of time can be quite extensive.

Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

There are several signs that a person might notice that points to a significant carpenter ant infestation. First, the ants might be observed as they go about their work boring through wood. Simply seeing one ant might not indicate an infestation. Often, ants send out scouts to discover new sources of food and shelter. However, if there are several ants scurrying about, then it is a good idea to call on an exterminator to determine if there is a colony somewhere nearby. Second, carpenter ants often leave behind a sawdust-like substance called frass as they burrow into wood. This might be found in small piles near the nest, or it could be scattered about or caught on cobwebs. Finally, carpenter ants often form very tightly packed trails that lead to their nests. Because many of these signs can mimic other pests, a professional is the best person to call to positively identify a carpenter ant infestation.

Professional Carpenter Ant Extermination

Once an infestation has been established, a pest control plan will need to be implemented within the home. While many people might decide to treat the ants themselves using a pesticide from the local store, this tactic does not work very well. Usually, nests are located deep inside walls and other structures. This makes it difficult to actually reach all of the ants. Also, carpenter ants are very intelligent, and they will move their nests when they feel threatened. This means that trying to solve the pest control problem on their own can quickly become a game of chase for homeowners. In order to effectively eliminate carpenter ants and prevent a re-infestation, it is best to leave it to the professionals.  We have been exterminating carpenter ants in the Danville and Champaign areas for years and would be happy to give you a free quote.

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