Silverfish are insects that live off of human food, fabric, paper, glue and starch, and they are mostly drawn to dark places. As you can imagine, this makes them the bane of libraries, but nearly any dark damp places can have a silverfish infestation. If you are dealing with a silverfish problem, you must take action at once.

First, figure out where they are living. If you have seen one, there are likely many others. During the Midwest spring and fall, there is a great deal of moisture around, so if you have a leak in your attic or drainage problems in your basement, you can draw silverfish to your home.

Dealing with Silverfish

Get rid of their food supply. This means getting rid of old paper products in your home where silverfish might be living and eating. After you get rid of the food supply, make sure that you keep the area tidy and dry. Silverfish are drawn to clutter as it gives them more cover.

Keep your home as dry as you can. If necessary, seal any cracks that seem to be causing dampness and have a professional plumber come in to take a look. This helps eradicate the silverfish’s environment in your home, which is essential for preventing a repeat infestation.

In many cases, you will find that an insecticide spray can be very handy. Spray the insecticide around the perimeter of the room, paying special attention to the baseboards. These insects can travel long distances in your house through the hollows, and this means that if you see a space where they can go, they have probably been there. You may also wish to put down a layer of diatomaceous earth, which will harm the insect, but not animals or children that you have in the home.

Calling a professional

The truth of the matter is that the more silverfish you have, the more likely it is that you will need professional treatment. We can help you figure out the extent of your problem.

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