Bird Control

We all love birds. The variety of shapes, sizes, calls, and habits make them a curiosity and love for many adults and children alike. Birds are also a sign of thriving environment and are a key part of the ecosystem. Unfortunately though, sometimes birds can become a considerable nuisance to home and business owners.

Their nesting choices can sometimes be a conflict to us. Ventilation ducts, gutters, chimneys, window casings, soffits – these are all susceptible to bird residence. Damages can be minor or severe, ranging from nuisance droppings and nesting debris to outright fire hazards and building material damages. In addition, birds often bring with them a whole array of parasites and mites. These hitchhikers will gladly disembark from the bird or its nest and explore the structure for new hosts.

Aside from nesting, birds can be drawn for food and water reasons. Perhaps it is a garden, a fruiting tree, or trash; birds will come for these. Sometimes it seems as though birds will also gather in certain places for mere social or even unknown reasons. In any case, the results are often the same – droppings, parasites, feathers, debris, property damage, and even legal liability concerns.

Area residents in the Danville, Champaign, and Urbana areas of Illinois deal with this as much as anyone else. It’s not uncommon for area birds like the grackle, the sparrow, the blackbird, and pigeon to become partial where it would be preferred they not.

Talk to the bird professionals

Homeowners can to some degree apply some do-it-yourself spirit to undesired birds. However, like any job, having the right tools and knowledge make success much more likely. Consult with our Bird Exclusion Professionals and get the humane, yet effective and most rapid results that you need. This is always the best approach for those problem birds and the homeowner.

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