Garden Pests

5 Reasons You Need Professional PC

Like most homeowners, you probably have to deal with the occasional spider, mouse, or another household pest, but you might have a much larger infestation than first meets the eye. When it comes to pest control in Danville and Champaign, you should leave it to the pros. Putting It Off Is Costing You Big Pests can do tremendous damage to your home. Many pests will seek out food, and they'll ruin bread, cereal, fruit, or any other food not locked up tight in the fridge. Termites can cause structural damage to your home, and rodents will chew on wood [...]

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Common Garden Pests in Illinois

Most novice gardeners think that all bugs in their gardens pose a risk to their plants. While it is true that many varieties of insects do in fact kill plants, other insects are quite beneficial. Before they spray their entire garden down with chemicals and insecticides, gardeners can benefit by knowing which bugs to keep and which ones to kill in their gardens. A gardener can find a true ally in the common garden spider. This spider is the size of a half dollar coin and is typically black and yellow, although some orange and black varieties can [...]

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