Where Do Spiders Hide in Your House?

Have you ever gone to look for something in your home only to be startled by a spider? As it turns out, spiders are quite adept at finding hiding spots both inside and outside our homes. We'll look at where spiders like to hide in the typical household and some basic tips on how to keep them out. From the bedroom and kitchen to basements and crawlspaces, it's important to know where spiders can be found in order to help keep your home safe and pest-free. Hidden Spiders in the Kitchen: Unveiling Common Hiding Places and How to [...]

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3 Most Common Fall Pests in Illinois

Living With Pests Spotting the occasional insect in a home is to be expected, but families that are experiencing frequent sightings of pest should take action. Pests are able to spread disease through bites or fecal matter, and some types of pests are known to cause structural damage to homes. Professional extermination for infestations of any pest is recommended. The Three Most Common Fall Pests Rodent populations start to explode in the fall months, and these pests start searching for shelter as the weather cools down. Mice are known to carry serious diseases that could even be fatal, so it is [...]

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The Three Most Common Spiders

Spiders have been invading homes in Illinois since there have been homes in Illinois. They like the warmth, the proximity to water and the abundance of prey. Some spiders wander inside accidentally, but there are a few species who prefer to live indoors. If you have spiders in your home, do not antagonize them. Though most spiders aren’t poisonous, they all know how to bite. Wolf Spiders Wolf spiders look pretty scary, but they’re not terribly dangerous to people. They can quickly colonize your home. If you see a wolf spider, it’s a safe bet that there are [...]

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How To Remove Spider Eggs

Spiders scare many people with their creepy appearance and speed, but they pose more serious threats than simply startling humans. Some spiders such as black widows and brown recluses have toxic venom that can cause serious illnesses. In addition to this, spiders in the recluse family have necrotic bites, which means they destroy flesh when left untreated. There are also other spiders that can leave itchy bites or cause illnesses. One common sign of a spider infestation is finding egg sacs inside a house. Most people simply sweep them away when they find these sacs, but there are [...]

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