As people work around their homes and properties, they may come across beehives hidden in their attics, in their porch overhangs, inside sheds or barns, and even sometimes inside old cars that are parked in the driveway. While the general rule of thumb would be to avoid touching the hive, sometimes necessity makes it necessary for people to figure out whether or not the hive is still active. They can know for sure and take the right steps by looking for these clues.

How to tell if a Beehive is Active

The most obvious way to tell if a hive is still being is if there are any bees flying in or around the hive. When the bees are still using a hive, the worker bees will fly in and out of the hive all day. If a person sees any bees at all near the hive, it is a good indication that it is still being used and is active.

Another way to tell if a person does not see any bees would be if he or she sees fresh honeycomb. Old honeycomb that has become crusted and brown typically indicates that the colony has abandoned their home. However, if the honeycomb is fresh, the bees are probably still inside.

Many people try to smoke out the bees or even try to cut down the hive to rid their homes and properties of this threat. However, rather than cut down or smoke out the hive, people can fare better by hiring professional exterminators. The professionals will have the right safety equipment to use to get rid of the bees and the hive from a house or yard. People with little to no experience in handling hives risk being stung.

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