The most effective methods for preventing infestations by pests include scheduling an insect inspection, ensuring that certain parts of your home’s exterior are sealed, creating traps for larger animals and spraying chemicals that deter insects and small animals on the floor of your attic and your basement.

pest Inspection

Preparing Your House

The beginning of each new year is the best time to take steps to guard your home against pests. In Danville, IL, few pests are alive and highly mobile in January, and as a result, the professionals from our company will be able to implement effective strategies for preventing infestations before bugs and small animals begin to seek a warm, secure shelter during the spring and the summer.

Using Bait for Pest Control

If pests are already present in your home, our professionals will place certain types of food or chemicals that emit an enticing smell in key locations in order to lure all of the bugs into one part of your house’s interior. Next, we will close off the small section of your home by using physical barriers, and finally, our experts can spray the area with a chemical that will exterminate all of the pests within 10 minutes.

Barriers In Your Yard

Termites and hornets that burrow through sand can dig a tunnel underneath your home. In order to block these pests, our professionals will install a barrier that has a depth of 12 inches around your home’s outer walls, and the barricade will extend at least 25 inches from your house’s foundation.

Getting Started

In order to receive a free price estimate, you can call the phone number on our website today. If pests have already infested your home, we will provide emergency services and can arrive at your house within hours of your first call to our company.

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