Standing water is a magnet for many dangerous pests. Just one is the rat because rats are like many other species; they need water to live. If they discover a home that has standing water nearby, they will invite all of their family and friends to join them. Standing water attracts mosquitoes because the water provides them with a breeding ground. Ants need water to drink, so houses that offer it to them are more likely to have an infestation. Furthermore, if stagnating water is left to fester, mold can begin to flourish in your yard.

dangers of standing water

Where Does Water Usually Collect?

If your home is at the bottom of a hill, standing water may be a particularly difficult annoyance for you. As water runs down the slope, you may notice many puddles of stagnant water accumulating in the yard. A yard that is not level has a tendency to collect these puddles. Water can also gather within the drainage system.

How to Prevent Standing Water

One way to prevent water from collecting in your yard is to install French drains. A French drain requires that you dig a trench so that you can place a drain pipe inside. You can also build dry creek beds. They are pleasing to the eye, and they are ideal for draining water that runs down a slope. You can also select plants for your yard that thrive in moist environments. This solution is good for a problem that is not too severe.

If you currently have an infestation of pests due to standing water, the answer is to call a professional exterminator. A pest control company will inspect your property, determine the source of the infestation and eliminate the pest for you.

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