The world seems to come alive in the springtime. In Illinois, you’ll see flowers emerging from the soil, leaves beginning to form and, unfortunately, a host of hungry insects coming out of hibernation or the shelter of their winter nests. Some of the most common of these seasonal critters are cockroaches, ants, and boxelder bugs, and they may end up in your home during their search for food. The biggest clue that these pests have taken up residence indoors is by seeing them in action.

most common spring pests in Illinois

In the Kitchen

Roaches are nocturnal and are attracted to damp spaces. You may find them in a bathroom, especially in the tub, or the kitchen. When you see a few ants on a windowsill or elsewhere in your home, there are likely thousands more on your property since they live in colonies. Swift removal is essential when you’re dealing with ants, and enlisting the help of a knowledgeable pest control professional is an ideal solution.

In Your Yard

Lesser known but equally invasive, boxelder bugs don’t spread disease, like roaches, or cause structural damage, like carpenter ants, but they are still a nuisance. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, they typically make their home in your yard, feeding on boxelder trees, which leads to unhealthy and damaged trees.

Call in the Pros

Boxelder bugs often hibernate in your home in the fall, and when they emerge in the spring, you should avoid squishing too many bugs because they emit an unpleasant odor. Instead, a professional exterminator may be able to eradicate a spring pest infestation and provide tips on how to effectively seal up cracks on the outside of your home to reduce the possibility of future insect invasions.

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