Living with any kind of a pest is an unpleasant situation that could lead to unsanitary conditions for the occupants of a home. Different types of pests are active throughout the year and stink bugs are known to start nesting in homes as the weather cools. Anyone who would like to eliminate the possibility of spending the winter with an infestation of these smelly pests should contact a professional pest control company for help.

Stink Bugs

All About Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are brown insects that are approximately one half of an inch in length. These insects feed on plants including fruits and vegetables, and farmers who experience an infestation of stink bugs in their fields may notice scars on fruits where the insects have fed off of the plants. Stink bugs enter homes during cool weather to seek shelter.

The name of the stink bug comes from the pungent odor that results when the insect is crushed. People who find these pests in their home should avoid crushing the insects for this reason. Infestations are typically detected when stink bugs are spotted throughout a building on a daily basis.

Professional Extermination For Stink Bug Control

What makes professional stink bug extermination a better choice than do-it-yourself extermination methods? Professional pest control companies employ experienced technicians who have the knowledge and equipment needed to get rid of stink bugs for good. These technicians are able to exterminate insects found within the walls of a building. Do-it-yourself methods usually only target the stink bugs that can be seen inside a home, but infestations occur in places that are out of sight. Professional extermination is the best option for homeowners who want to get rid of an infestation and prevent future problems from occurring.

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