Springtime is here, and there are several invasive and rapidly multiplying pests that will try to enter your home this season. Sealing your screen doors and windows might sound like a simple task, but this preventative step can defend your home from some infestations. A tiny hole or crack might not seem like a major problem, but one bug can open the door for an invasion. This is particularly true for social insects that will plant trails for others to follow.

Sealing screen doors and windows

Pests will enter your home to search for warmth, food sources, and breeding space. Some of the most common home-invading insects actually possess specialized organs that can sense the heat that is being released from your home. Finding your home is no problem for these pests, so it is important to properly seal your screen doors and windows.

Patching the hole is the quickest and least expensive repair for your screen doors and windows. A patch can be as simple as carefully applied tape or as thorough as a mesh screen patch that you can purchase from a local hardware store. The patch must fully cover the hole without leaving any gaps between the patch and the original screen. If you want a secure and attractive option, you can purchase new screens at the hardware store. If your existing frames are still in good shape, you can buy a roll of screen mesh to replace the damaged screens.

After you complete your personal repairs, you should consider contacting a pest control company. A pest control expert can professionally evaluate your home for vulnerabilities that you might have overlooked. These professionals are trained to recognize potential openings for unwanted house guests.

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