While some Illinois pests are more commonly seen when the sun is out, there are several nocturnal pests that are much sneakier. They come out at night when most people are asleep, so they are often harder to catch. With Daylight Savings Time upon us, the chance of experiencing one of these creatures increases.


Mice And Rats

Mice and rats prefer to hide, so the best way to look for signs of their presence is to check in places such as under furniture or in low-traffic areas. Look for droppings, gnawed furniture, gnawed plastic or containers in kitchens that have been chewed on. Droppings and urine from these pests can cause dangerous illnesses.


These creatures are usually found outdoors, but they may hide under homes. They will eat almost anything and will also chew through containers to find food. Possums can bite people or pets and may carry rabies.


Bats can be difficult to find. They hide in the roof, attic, behind walls or in garages. Look for holes and cracks with greasy smudges, scratches or worn areas. Bats can carry rabies and may bite humans or pets if they are disturbed.


Bedbugs are known for coming out at night and biting people while they sleep. Their bites contain bacteria that causes itching and may lead to infections. To identify signs of these pests, look for dark red dirt and a musty smell under furniture or beds.

With the winter approaching and nights being longer, these pests will be more active for longer periods of time. Home removal methods are ineffective and should not be trusted, so always contact a professional for reliable service. Call for a free quote today.

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