Pests infest your home through various methods. For instance, mice and rats can sneak in through a crack or hole in the wall of your basement or attic while ants may enter your home via a gap underneath a door or window. In some cases, you may be inadvertently responsible for a pest infestation because bug species like bed bugs, fleas, spiders and carpet beetles frequently hitch a ride to their next residence.

Hitchhiking Pests - Bed bugs

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed bugs are a common hitchhiking pest since the creatures may crawl into your suitcase while you are on vacation and return home with you. The pests may also bum a ride from a movie theater, clothing store or friend’s home. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eliminate, so if you suspect that you have them, then be sure to contact a professional exterminator.

Fleas from Neighbor’s Pet

If you’re a pet owner, then fleas can come into your home on your cat or dog. In fact, you can become the transporter of fleas because they may attach themselves to your skin or clothing. When fleas infest your home, they frequently reside deep in your carpet or on your furniture. People who like to garden or live near wooded areas are more likely to transport fleas into their home.

Spiders in Fruit

Bugs may also enter your home in food because some species, such as spiders, reside in trees and their fruit. When it’s picked and sent to the store, the bugs come with it, and then, you take them home after buying a healthy snack.

Cleaning Used Furniture

Carpet beetles arrive on new or old blankets, rugs and clothing items. The bugs are destructive as they damage household items like your floor coverings and furniture.

Call a Professional

If you suspect that you have new roommates with at least six legs, then don’t question your housekeeping skills because the pests hitchhike their way into the cleanest of homes. Instead, call a professional exterminator to eliminate them.

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