Camel crickets are common household pests in Illinois. Easily identified by their humpbacked appearance, these critters are frequently found in basements, kitchens, and bathroom areas.

While they are usually accidental pests, they can nevertheless begin to breed once they’ve found a warm location.

Amateur pest control techniques are nearly always unsuccessful with camel crickets. In fact, only 50% of homeowners who try these methods succeed at eliminating the pests.

Professional exterminators will be needed to eliminate breeding colonies once and for all. It’s important to have professionals do the extermination because they’re trained and more effective.

The appearance of a Camel Cricket in Illinois

Camel crickets, sometimes called spider crickets, are much different than field crickets. In fact, they do not have any wings and do not chirp. The crickets are generally very good jumpers and can be enormously difficult to catch. They have very large hind legs.

The region near the front is angled downward so that their head is tucked beneath their long back legs.

Although the insects are usually found in grass, weeds, woodpiles and stony areas, they can also live in the hollows of trees. Juveniles are nearly identical to adults in physical appearance.

Where do you find cave crickets?

Camel crickets or cave crickets are found throughout the world. Camel crickets live in dark, damp areas and will feed on just about anything including plants, small insects, pet food, or garbage left out at night.

They can also be located in dark, damp places such as under rocks and logs.

There are many different species of camel crickets that can be found across the globe but there is plenty in Illinois.

Cave crickets generally live in wet crawl space areas and basements.

They are usually found in grass, weeds, woodpiles, or stony areas but will live in trees if you have plants around them.

Can crickets come up through drains? Drain crickets

Drains in the home are not usually how giant camel crickets are entering the home.

Hopping crickets will more than likely enter your home through gaps around the foundation or basement windows and doors, so it is important to seal up any openings you find in these areas.

Does a camel cricket leave droppings?

Droppings can be seen from the cave crickets. Droppings can be seen in the crawl space on the joists and supports. The black marks are easily noticed in these areas.

Are mole crickets poisonous to dogs?

It’s very unlikely that your dog will eat a camel cricket. Cave crickets have little to no taste and are often found in areas with other insects such as spiders, flies, or ants.

However, there is always the possibility of an unknown event happening like if you let out pet food at night which attracts more bugs.

It would be better to make sure that the dog has food and water in a closed container if they are left outside.

Cave crickets have little to no taste so your pet is unlikely to eat one on purpose, but there may be an event where it could happen by accident.

Can camel crickets hurt you or your house?

Cave crickets can cause a broad array of problems for homeowners. Large numbers of insects can eat away at houseplants and soft household fabrics.

If the infestation is allowed to continue, the crickets may eventually invade every room of the house. In extreme cases, they can find their way into bedroom closets.

How do I get rid of camel crickets in my house?

In all cases, professional exterminators will need to be procured as soon as possible. Calibrated chemical solutions can be carefully sprayed in target areas.

Experts will also be able to provide pointers that people can use to avoid infestations again in the future.

Proper lawn maintenance can kill the insects before they get to the house. With the expertise of a reputable pest control contractor, homeowners can make the house free of pesky critters once again from crickets and bugs that look like crickets.

Cave crickets are an invasive species in Illinois and have been found throughout the state.

If your property is infested, there’s no need to panic but you should take immediate action because camel cricket populations can rapidly grow out of control if not contained with pesticides or other methods.

The best way to get rid of them is by using a spray-on contact chemical that will kill all stages of their life cycle.

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