As the holiday season kicks into high gear, homeowners will likely soon set to work trimming the family Christmas tree. While the focus will be on the Christmas lights and the festive glitter, individuals will also have to watch out for outside critters that may have been carried in on the branches. Bark beetles, worms, spiders and even ants can all cause problems. If these insects are allowed to breed, they can eventually infest all areas of the home. In all cases, professional exterminators will need to be brought in to deal with the problem.

Christmas tree

Spiders in Christmas Trees

Certain spider species are known to make their homes in pine trees during the colder months of the year. Many spiders, in fact, are hardy creatures that can hide away in the nooks and crannies between various branches of the tree. The warmer temperatures in the interior of a home or apartment might also coax spider eggs to hatch. Juvenile spiders can move out across the residence to spin webs near doors and windows.

Ants in Christmas Trees

While ants are generally thought of as creatures of the spring and summer, some species are active in winter. If they have been foraging for food on a particular tree, then they’ll be perfectly capable of entering buildings. If a single ant is spotted in the tree, professional exterminators will be needed.

Bark Beetles in Christmas Trees

Bark beetles, which usually live in the interiors of tree trunks, can also present problems. When the infestation is allowed to continue, the beetles can eventually spread to other areas of the tree and may even cause branches to die. With help from a pest control expert, holiday enthusiasts will be able to keep pests from invading their homes.

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