Where do insects go in the winter?


Very few insects thrive in the winter. Those who live in colder climates will often notice a distinct drop in pest problems once the cold moves in. Unfortunately, this isn't always good news. Though many insects respond to the winter by migrating to warmer areas or by burrowing underground, others find safe habitat in human homes. Once the heat of the summer sun no longer provides the temperatures these pests need to live, they may seek out the artificially warm comfort of your house. Insects that decide to bundle up for the winter in your home may not [...]

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Illinois Pests Active During Daylight


Daylight savings means longer days and more time to play outside, but the extended sunlight also brings annoying pests out. The warmer weather that comes with daylight savings can encourage pests to come out of hibernation, so it's important for homeowners to be prepared to deal with insects as spring arrives. Daytime Pests in Illinois Mosquitoes are known to be nocturnal, but these pests are also active during the day. Warm weather encourages breeding activity, and mosquitoes are most active at dusk. People who spend time outdoors during the day risk being bitten. It is possible for these [...]

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Common Garden Pests in Illinois


Most novice gardeners think that all bugs in their gardens pose a risk to their plants. While it is true that many varieties of insects do in fact kill plants, other insects are quite beneficial. Before they spray their entire garden down with chemicals and insecticides, gardeners can benefit by knowing which bugs to keep and which ones to kill in their gardens. A gardener can find a true ally in the common garden spider. This spider is the size of a half dollar coin and is typically black and yellow, although some orange and black varieties can [...]

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