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Don’t invite these pests to Thanksgiving Dinner


As the weather cools and we start that inevitable roller coaster ride towards the end of the year, many American families are making their final preparations for the Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving marks a splendid occasion to get the family together, but it can be marred by unwanted pests. Make sure your holiday isn't ruined by uninvited guests.ood. Common Kitchen Insects To determine the nature of your infestation, it often helps to do a bit of preliminary identification. There are too many species of insect to do a thorough list, but the following are some of the most common [...]

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Camel Crickets in Illinois


Camel crickets are common household pests in Illinois. Easily identified by their humpbacked appearance, these critters are frequently found in basements, kitchens and bathroom areas. While they are usually accidental pests, they can nevertheless begin to breed once they've found a warm location. Amateur pest control techniques are nearly always unsuccessful with camel crickets. Professional exterminators will be needed to eliminate breeding colonies once and for all. Appearance Camel crickets are much different than field crickets. In fact, they do not have any wings and do not chirp. The crickets are generally very good jumpers and can be [...]

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Are There Bugs in My Christmas Tree?


As the holiday season kicks into high gear, homeowners will likely soon set to work trimming the family Christmas tree. While the focus will be on the Christmas lights and the festive glitter, individuals will also have to watch out for outside critters that may have been carried in on the branches. Bark beetles, worms, spiders and even ants can all cause problems. If these insects are allowed to breed, they can eventually infest all areas of the home. In all cases, professional exterminators will need to be brought in to deal with the problem. Spiders in Christmas [...]

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The Importance Of Annual Pest Inspections


The most effective methods for preventing infestations by pests include scheduling an insect inspection, ensuring that certain parts of your home's exterior are sealed, creating traps for larger animals and spraying chemicals that deter insects and small animals on the floor of your attic and your basement. Preparing Your House The beginning of each new year is the best time to take steps to guard your home against pests. In Danville, IL, few pests are alive and highly mobile in January, and as a result, the professionals from our company will be able to implement effective strategies for [...]

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Where do insects go in the winter?


Very few insects thrive in the winter. Those who live in colder climates will often notice a distinct drop in pest problems once the cold moves in. Unfortunately, this isn't always good news. Though many insects respond to the winter by migrating to warmer areas or by burrowing underground, others find safe habitat in human homes. Once the heat of the summer sun no longer provides the temperatures these pests need to live, they may seek out the artificially warm comfort of your house. Insects that decide to bundle up for the winter in your home may not [...]

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Diseases Caused By Rodents


Just because you have not personally seen or interacted with mice, rats or other rodents in your home doesn't mean they aren’t negatively impacting your life. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), rodents are responsible for spreading diseases to humans through direct contact and indirect contact by transferring the pathogens to insects or arachnids. Direct contact not only includes bites but also contact with feces, urine and airborne particles contaminated by rodents. Specific Diseases Transmitted by Rodents Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) – Hantavirus can be carried by rodents and is commonly spread through rodent droppings, [...]

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Hitchhiking Pests


Pests infest your home through various methods. For instance, mice and rats can sneak in through a crack or hole in the wall of your basement or attic while ants may enter your home via a gap underneath a door or window. In some cases, you may be inadvertently responsible for a pest infestation because bug species like bed bugs, fleas, spiders and carpet beetles frequently hitch a ride to their next residence. Bed Bugs in Hotels Bed bugs are a common hitchhiking pest since the creatures may crawl into your suitcase while you are on vacation and return home [...]

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Five Ways Mice Get Inside Your Home


No matter how secure your home may seem, mice and other rodents are small and resourceful. If you end up with unwelcome guests in your home, consider these five common entry points. 1. Windows and doors. Mice and other rodents will often get inside the same way you do. Mice can squeeze into very small spaces, including cracks or gaps around windows and doors. Keep doors and windows shut securely. Also, add door flaps or extra insulation to correct gaps. 2. Walls. Mice can also get inside through the walls, exploiting small cracks in the exterior. Look for [...]

Five Ways Mice Get Inside Your Home2019-03-23T23:51:56+00:00

How To Remove Spider Eggs


Spiders scare many people with their creepy appearance and speed, but they pose more serious threats than simply startling humans. Some spiders such as black widows and brown recluses have toxic venom that can cause serious illnesses. In addition to this, spiders in the recluse family have necrotic bites, which means they destroy flesh when left untreated. There are also other spiders that can leave itchy bites or cause illnesses. One common sign of a spider infestation is finding egg sacs inside a house. Most people simply sweep them away when they find these sacs, but there are [...]

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Why Do-It-Yourself PC Fails


There are a number of DIY pest control myths that exist. However, a number of them are untrue. When a person has a pest problem, it is essential to uncover the truth. #1 Myth: Catch Mice with Cheese Most people believe the best way to catch mice is with cheese. Even though these rodents do like cheese, they are more attracted to foods that are high in sugar. For example, using cookies, peanut butter, or fruit pieces will be a better way to bait mice. #2 Myth: A Clean House Means No Pests People with clean homes often believe [...]

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