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Common Garden Pests in Illinois


Most novice gardeners think that all bugs in their gardens pose a risk to their plants. While it is true that many varieties of insects do in fact kill plants, other insects are quite beneficial. Before they spray their entire garden down with chemicals and insecticides, gardeners can benefit by knowing which bugs to keep and which ones to kill in their gardens. A gardener can find a true ally in the common garden spider. This spider is the size of a half dollar coin and is typically black and yellow, although some orange and black varieties can [...]

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How to tell if a Beehive is Active


As people work around their homes and properties, they may come across beehives hidden in their attics, in their porch overhangs, inside sheds or barns, and even sometimes inside old cars that are parked in the driveway. While the general rule of thumb would be to avoid touching the hive, sometimes necessity makes it necessary for people to figure out whether or not the hive is still active. They can know for sure and take the right steps by looking for these clues. The most obvious way to tell if a hive is still being is if there [...]

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How Do Ants Enter a Home?


Ants are very tiny creatures, so they can find their way into your home through small cracks in the concrete, walls or foundation. However, they build their nests on the outside, so they will only come inside the house if they are welcomed by the presence of food. What Damage Can Ants Cause? Ants do not necessarily cause damage to a home. Some species are only nuisances, but the nuisance can be very serious if there are hundreds of ants trampling in and out of your home at will. Other ants are more dangerous because they tend to [...]

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